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Second Brain Notion Template

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Have you ever wondered if you had an extra person to take care and record all your work for you?

Well, if you are like me, you can use this second brain template to document all you want in all areas of your life, save yourself from informational overload and improve your life for good.

Wondering how??

Well, it's scientifically proven that tracking your data and upgrading your performance has given more yield than not tracking your data.

So with this second brain template you will add an extra brain to tracking everything with your life, right from journalling to setting a realistic routine so that you will be the one who is incharge of your life.

Still don't believe me?

Check what Ali Abdaal has to say about importance of building a second brain👇

(Honestly it's worth it and would cost you a lot of time creating this on your own)

If you wanna build this for free, watch this

I took inspiration from multiple sources to create this one notion template and it would be glad if you use this fully and leave a fat 5 star review to show that it has been helpful to you.

C'mon man it takes a lot of time to build it from scratch and I just made it simpler for you. Isn't it epic?? If you buy this, I would personally get on a call with you and scream HERPES 6 times, if that's what you wanna see 👀.

If you don't know if I am goofing around or not, you better check it by buying it XD. BUY BUY BUY!! BYE BYE 🤣

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You'll get a notion template created specially using PARA method with which you can journal, brainstorm and track your ideas and progress so that you won't get an informational overload.

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Second Brain Notion Template

5 ratings
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