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A Habit Tracker that works

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Have you ever wondered if your habits hasn't been staying on track?

Well, if you are like me, you can use something called as a habit tracker

Ok let's be real

You think I am selling something like this notion template for example, but what I am selling you is an idea/solution to keep your habits in check.

Not just me but..

Many Youtubers use habit tracker to stay productive:

(Honestly it's worth it and would cost you a lot of time creating this on your own)

Building a habit ain't no joke, so let me make it easier for you.

What do you get in this?

So in this habit tracker, you get to set customised habits along with table view check boxes that you could cross off everytime you finish a habit.

I took inspiration from multiple sources to create this one notion template and it would be glad if you use this fully and leave a fat 5 star review to show that it has been helpful to you.

C'mon man it takes a lot of time to build it from scratch and I just made it simpler for you.

If you buy this, I would not guarentee that you would be super productive and stuff, if you are productive or not productive is entirely on you but you can be one step better with this.

And also it would make my day a little more amazing πŸ˜‡.

It has worked for millions of people including me, so I hope it works for you too. Best of luck!!

I've explained how it works in the notion template, so HURRY before it gets sold out!! (Just kidding, there is plenty available but you should hurry anyway because I was honest hehe πŸ˜”)

Honestly tho, my sales game is pretty weak ngl 😭

Anyway have a good day, tell your parents that you love them πŸ’“

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You'll get a habit tracker notion template created specially to form habits and build a flawless contigency routine so that even if you fail, you know where it went wrong.

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A Habit Tracker that works

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